Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back in the Blogosphere, and Sharing a Useful Flowchart

I'm back! I'm back in Boston after two weeks spent in Pennsylvania visiting family and friends, sleeping a lot, reading for fun, ignoring the internet, and eating a lot of fried food (my cure for a brain fried by a hectic summer semester--filling my stomach with food that's fried). And now that I've rested my brain, I'm back in the blogosphere because I'm in "academic mode"--or at least trying to get myself back into it, because the fall semester rapidly approacheth and I need to be sure my brain is up to it. A mental workout of sorts, if you will.

Now that my summer semester and project are over, I'll continue posting entries on this blog about interesting and amusing copyright stuff that I find. Today I was looking at a link that was sent to me with a humorous chart that the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA, the fine folks responsible for those lovely "Explicit Content" stickers) supposedly "uses" in determining who to sue for copyright infringement. Find it here.

Hilarious! And probably not far from accurate.

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