Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Accio Case Studies

As my studies turn more towards how copyright and contracts affect authors, I'll also be looking at cases in the world of publishing embroiled in legal issues. One of the biggest and most interesting that I can think of is Harry Potter. With the seventh book conveniently being released this Saturday and each installment of the series cloaked in security to prevent information leaks, the news is currently filled with reports of leaks being shared online. What happens to the people who leak information? What sorts of security systems are in place? Who is J.K. Rowling suing? What's the big deal? Love Harry or hate him, you have to admit that this book series is one of the biggest phenomena in publishing and so there's lots of juicy stuff surrounding the series that makes perfect fodder for my studies.

I also wanted to know if there are any legal cases in publishing that you'd be interested in reading more about that I could research in addition to the Boy Wizard. If so, let me know. Suggestions are most welcome; just leave me a comment.

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