Saturday, May 19, 2007


Welcome to my blog! My name is Raquel, and I'm a first-year graduate student in the Emerson College Publishing and Writing master's program. This summer, I have undertaken a directed study that focuses on issues of copyright, contracts, and writers' rights. While this subject may seem dry as burnt toast to some, I find it quite fascinating, and simply by talking about it a bit with people, I find that everyone's got something to say about it, even if they didn't originally know they did. The subject of ownership always seems to get an opinion out of everyone, especially the ownership of intellectual property, so I'll be exploring that this summer by posting regularly to this blog.

My hope is that this blog will encourage people to consider copyright in new ways and add their own opinions in the comments sections so that it will turn into an interactive cyberdiscussion of sorts. Real posting will begin in earnest next week as I begin my readings and studies.

So... welcome!

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Phantom City said...

ACK! You have had this up for a MONTH and you didn't tell me? You are in sooo much trouble...:)